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  • The initiator of Shepherds Ground village and Farm, Lucie Bruvel kicks the project off, identifying the land and receiving pre DA approval from Port Stephens council for the development

  • Lucie receives a 1 year scholarship with the School of Social Entrepreneurs

  • First not for profit company registered as a working entity to develop the concept

  • The property was secured with non member seed funding, donations and peer to peer loans.   

  • Shepherds Ground official launch concert at Woodville hall


  • Option paid to secure the land for the project

  • Campaigns and publicity to garner interest and support in the project

  • First members purchase shares

  • Fund raising, generous contributions big and small via donations and peer to peer loans


  • Start preparation for the Development Application

  • Lodge DA with council for 29 homes

  • Began process of forming co-operative (which became too drawn out over months)

  • Formed Shepherds Ground pty ltd to be ready for purchase of land


  • January, DA passed unanimously at council vote!

  • March, the land was purchased!  A combination of new members buying in and several peer-to-peer loans were provided to make this possible. 


  • S96 approved at council to make a staged option to the development, add another house site to make 30 and have a reduction to our S94 fees

  • Many events continue on the Grounds, tree planting and renovations

  • Construct internal roads to begin Stage 1 build

  • Two thirds of shares sold

  • Construction Certificates issued for Stage 1


  • Stage 1 of Village build commenced in January. 4 beautiful industrial hemp masonry homes are now in place. All hands working toward completion.

  • Food planted around homestead.

  • Continued native tree planting and care.

  • Livestock on the land with pigs, cattle, sheep, guinea fowl and chooks.


  • Commercial Greywater system in place

  • Occupation certificates applied for with Port Stephens council

  • Village road completed

  • Water tanks in place

  • 4 beautiful hemp masonry homes in the process of adding 'finishing touches'

  • Hub undergoing redesign and refurbishment

  • Further livestock purchased, breeding and flourishing

  • Native saplings turning toward trees  

Time line: Project
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