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Building for a future generation now

Housing - 27 sustainable, architect designed homes with options for individuality and modification.  Creating a village surrounded by striking panoramic views of pastoral land, rolling hills, and forest. Village housing welcoming and accessible from young families to contented retirees.  Each house on its own small plot, a home that fits aesthetically to be part of one whole village with access to the surrounding land and community resources. (5 shares available August 2019)

Farming - welcoming new and experienced farming families to join our professional farming fraternity. The majority of Shepherds Ground land is projected for farm use, utilizing solely organic and bio-dynamic principles.  This creates onsite employment and produces nutrient rich, fresh and delicious food for sale to villagers and local retail outlets.  

Natural Resources – managing and caring for native forests, establishing and maintaining wildlife corridors. Creating a place of sanctuary for humans and wild life alike.

Energy – using renewable sources, self sufficiency in water, electricity, and to a great extent food.

Water – using this resource efficiently, protecting water courses and drainage lines.

Village Infrastructure – includes community  space and kitchen, common garden space, safe play zone, roads, pathways, fences and more.  Perhaps a meditation grove and commercial kitchen.  

Small business – encouraging community-based small business, creating sales of branded produce and value added produce, employment opportunity for youth through to semi retired.

Work – it is envisaged that many members will work their existing careers and maintain regular jobs. There is a close proximity to schools and regional town centres.  There are also possibilities of supplementing income streams with local farm based businesses and part time enterprises on Shepherds Ground. All can work to balance employment and a fulfilling way of life.

Membership: Service
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