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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the legal structure of Shepherds Ground?

Shepherds Ground (SG) is a company limited by shares, registered with ASIC.

SG is governed by a board of directors, elected by members (shareholders) at our AGM.

Do you sign a standard contract to join?

Shares are issued on receipt of payment and the shareholder’s name/s and the number of shares held are entered onto the ASIC register. A new member signs that they have read the main company documentation (constitution, Information statement and community management statement).

Who can join?

Anyone can apply. We are looking for people who will contribute to a diverse multi-generational community and who will contribute their skills that support establishing farming, tree planting and land regeneration, farming-related businesses and a diversity of other activities that make a vibrant village.  We are particularly hoping to attract families with children and young people in general.

What title will an owner/occupier have over the land? 

The title is held in the name of the company 'Shepherds Ground' of which all members are shareholders. Individual members will hold a 'licence' to occupy their home. This is an agreement between the shareholder(member) and the company.

Do you have majority and minority shareholders or are all shareholdings equal? 

Each household has an equal shareholding.

How many house sites are there in the village overall? 

We have 27 house sites in the village overall. 24 of these are sold.

Is a member share for each person or each household?

Each household can only hold one member share. That shareholding can be held in the name of an individual, a couple, multiple individuals or a company.

What are the costs to become a shareholder?

1 member share at $10,000 

108,0000 ordinary shares at $1 each ($108,000)

Application fee $2000 refundable if application to join not approved (all members-bar the initiator of the project- have paid this)

Total cost $120,000 plus pro-rata of yearly levy (currently $2500p.a.)

What is the process for joining?

Step 1-Contact us :)

Are pets allowed?

Yes but.......We have a one dog per household 'policy' and ask that when a pet dies it is not replaced.


What restrictions are there on the type of houses that can be built?

Buildings at Shepherds Ground need to meet our sustainability criteria. The first four homes built at the village are of hemp masonry construction. Homes do not need to be hemp but aesthetics and a sense of being 'in keeping with the village' are considered.

If in years to come, people need to move on, what has to be done to sell? 

1.Shareholder without a licence.

Can sell their shares on the open market with the proviso that who they sell to (incoming member) fills out an expression of interest and is approved for membership by the board of directors. 

2. Shareholder with a licence.

Can sell their shares and house site (with or without house built) on the open market with the proviso that who they sell to (incoming member) fills out an expression of interest and is approved for membership by the board of directors. 


What is expected in terms of community contributions?

Members are expected to contribute their time and skills towards furthering the farm and village. There are many ways to contribute including-but not limited to- administration tasks, financial records, cooking for open days, tree planting and watering, garden work, maintenance, building and repairs. Members contributions average between 2 and 20 hours a month.

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